let's begin

Hey babe, 

come closer.

I’ve got an invitation for you…

What if you devoted 28 days to bring back the sacredness of your life? 

What if you committed to creatively telling the story of your soul… of deepening into you…?

… but this time, you went all. the. way… ?

I deepened into my own practice + presence for 28 days…
documented it all… and I am inviting you IN...

Because I want this kind of liberation for you, too. 

my intention from day 1 of this journey has been to creatively express the story of my soul through these daily devotions…. to express lusciously + artistically + vulnerably with this prayer:  

a deeper devotion…
I am guiding you here… back home.

Where you choose your devotional heart.. above all else.. again and again.



i’m open.

to deepen into devotion... for 28 days... to bring back
the sacredness of your life.


Inside a deeper devotion… I am guiding you here… back home.

Where the journey asks you to feel what arises all the way to the core.
Arousing your curiosity... inviting you into the depths...
initiating you deeper... 

Where you choose your devotional heart..
above all else.. again and again.

I was called home...

in a way I have never been called before.

There was a current of truth I couldn’t ignore.

A more intimate + intentional way of living,
moving and breathing…

and every time this energy shows up in my life (usually after I'm deeply humbled) I let it evolve me.
I give myself to it.

I feel the feelings. I move with them. I create with them. 
I use them to guide me deeper… to my own expression, creativity, liberation, power…
For me. For you. For us.
yeah, it can feel a bit scary… and also? a grand ol’ opportunity to trust LIFE where all stories, illusions, resistance get obliterated by the depth of devotion… the penetrating force of love.
For 28 days, I committed to shaking up any stagnation within by taking myself on a creative journey. To tell the story of my soul through my art… and letting it be as creatively luscious as possible…
As a personal devotion to self …
Not because I “need” to “do this” -- simply because life called me here…
to lead deeper, to love deeper, to serve deeper.

let's begin

I give myself to life. Over and over.
Out of the head, back to the heart.

“Take me, I’m yours…”

who would you become if you devoted deeper to:
- exploring your creative edges
- leaning in to your true desires
- FEELING YOUR DEPTHS AND alchemizing it all into honey gold 
- listening to the subtle voices
- dancing with the unknown (that gets to be exciting not scary)
- letting your creative visions fuel you
- expressing your soul in the most joyful, fun and alive way… just because you can?



Devotion… can you feel it?

Heart, open.
Presence, soft.
Nervous system, at peace.

if you are craving to deepen into devotion.

let's begin

My intention is simply to deepen into practice.
– it's here that the energy shifts - magic happens - clarity appears - abundance amplifies.

A safe container to fully surrender.
A trust in the potency of my alignment.
A radial permission slip to just show up… as me (and you)… and let it be (more than) enough.

and above all, a desire to love me, you, us… deeper.
- where all parts of self want to be known.
- where the wisest parts of our internal body lead the way.
- where grace is power… and less is more.
This is not about contributing to the noise [that's already everywhere] …
This is about opening wider, softening and listening intently… letting God lead.
and yes, part of this edge was creating for a month straight and simply sharing it with you – no pre-plan, no filter, no fancy sequence or step-by-step plug… the mystery of existence isn't meant to be captured like that PS ;)
Just anchored in the heart… open, surrendered, a deep trust in the mystery…
and if you so choose….

an invitation to reclaim your life and live from your devotional heart.

There's power in practice… where we are consistently being called back home.

Because it's a rare treasure and is everything. Period.

But seriously.. 
In a culture where information overload, instant gratification, decision paralysis is running the narrative … and flighting/fleeing/avoiding/
collapsing/shutting down when things get uncomfortable is far too common…

D E V O T I O N is a rare treasure.
to courageously choose to deepen - slowly, intentionally, softly - into more love… is absolutely game changing. 
It’s heart work. 

And what I can tell you is this…. In devotion you are truly free. 
Life generously pours into you. A devotional heart is magnetic.


In the void space between the impulse of your desire and your desires are made manifest… personal devotion is created.

In the risk of potential rejection and uncomfortable moments…
personal devotion is cultivated.

In the places you used to pull/grasp on the external world…
personal devotion is awakened.

They key? Your P R A C T I C E.

Devotion to the moment. The moment is the teacher.
The power we source is HERE… in practice.

… to deepen into devotion (to your desire, to love, to liberation, to life) in order for it to be alchemized into liquid honey gold.

Babe, a devotional heart is a magnet…
Your job is to deepen into it… strengthen + soften your devotional heart… everyday.

Even when you want to close/collapse…
Even when you feel that life has “dropped” you…
Even when the murky waters of the unconscious spiral you into confusion…

Devotion reaches out and says “Babe, give me your hand. Trust me. I love you. I’ve got you.”

Reflect on this for a moment…

28 Days

1. Fill up on you
2. Open Wide
3. Honouring Organic Life
4. Dance with Surrender
5. It gets to be Simple
6. Grace is your Next Uplevel
7. Joy
8. Befriend the Empty Spaces
9. Romance the Trigger
10. Release Expectations, Devote to the Moment.
11. Touch it All. 
12. Let it be Enough
13. Beyond the Need to be Right
14. Contrast is Medicine
15. Integrity, You + God
16. Live Life Now
17. Limitless
18. Hold it Lightly. Keep it Playful.
19. Polarity
20. Reflection Q’s
21. Vulnerability. Your Way.
22. Creating Intentional Moments
23. Speak Without Words: Create Shapes
24. Reclaim Beauty. Your Way.
25. DRIP
26. A Moving Prayer
27. Devotion
28. Celebrate
29. 28 Days. Here’s What I Learned (Remembered)
30. Your Devotional Journey… Community Shares + Celebrations

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